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Medical Cyanosis LED Lights

When working in the midst of life and death situations it's imperative you can trust your eyes. Our Cyanosis medical grade LED lights are designed specifically to allow for the most accurate and true colour possible allowing for accurate and fast detection of colour specific symptoms.

Features and Benefits of Solar Lighting

  • Energy Saving LEDs
  • Lab tested Cyanosis observation index
  • 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Extended Warranty 3-5 years
  • Direct replacement tubes
  • Plug and play panels
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Medical Grade

Special industries require specialty lighting, not just any light can be given the responsibility allocated to our medical grade cyanosis lights. The utmost care is taken in their construction and design reflected in their extended warranties.

Tested Results

These medical grade lights have undergone thorough lab testing to ensure they meet the standards required within the industry. All of our reports are available alongside the associated product so that you can make an informed decision for your lighting needs.

Industry Focused

Specifically designed for industry needs these lights have been built from the core to suit applications such as Hospital Operating Theatres, Accident and Emergency Areas, Dentists and Clinical Procedure Rooms.

Energy Saving

As with our other great LED products these lights offer a substantial energy saving compared to conventional fluorescent products. For a busy and energy hungry industry these savings can provide a much needed cut in energy consumption.