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LED Strip Lights

Big or small, every project can be hand tailored into a convenient kit by our technical department to suit your requirements.

Features and Benefits of LED Strip Lights

  • Available in RGB and standard colour temperatures
  • 3M thermal conductive adhesive tape backing
  • IP20 and IP67 versions available for indoor/outdoor applications
  • Complete cut/connection accessories
  • Custom project orders available
  • Fast and easy installation
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Retail Display

With long business hours, retail energy consumption accounts for one of the most significant portions of business expense. The low running cost of LED lights, along with their low heat and zero UV output ensure that businesses receive all the creative benefits of LED strip lighting along with impactful financial savings.


LED's low voltage and rugged weatherproof design options has made them one of the most prominent outdoor lighting choices in recent years, achieving functional lighting solutions with a focus on creative design. Due to LED strip's customisable length it's a common choice for garden bed, pool, roof, architrave, walkway and step lighting.


Bored of conventional ceiling lighting? Take a look at some of the creative low profile options available, including recessed profile and panel lights. Strip lighting can also be used to create a balanced light source running around the entire perimeter of the room, resulting in a decorative and even light output.

Much like in the kitchen, modern bathroom designs are now widely incorporating illuminated mirrors, cabinets and splash backs to warm up the look and feel of your bathroom. Who has time to light hundreds of candles, when you can have instant mood lighting on demand.

Space seems to disappear when filling a kitchen, incorporating slim, low profile strip lighting can help save space and accentuate the depth of your kitchen. Splashback, counter and interior pantry or cupboard lighting are some of the most popular choices, but like any other example of strip lighting the applications are limitless.