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Dimmable LED Poultry Lighting

Farming is advancing everyday with new technology and methods assisting in ageless progessions.The Vibe LED Poultry Lighting is specifically designed for Poultry Farming requirements compying with RSPCA Farming Guidelines.

The T12 linear tubes are IP67 rated which ensures that the fittings are resistant against water and dust ingress as well as being 100% resistant to chemicals that are used during clean out.

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Features and Benefits of Dimmable LED Poultry Lighting

  • T12 Linear System is IP67 water-proof, chemical resistant and also shatter-proof
  • Daisy chain for easy installation (all Tubes come with 1M W/Pleads at each end) *Additional 1.5M and 3M connector cables available on request
  • Dimmable from 0.5% - 100% to imitate the dusk to dawn sequence
  • Available in 3000K (Warm White) and 5000K (Natural White).
  • Available as a colour switchable tube from White > Blue light
  • 360° tube for egg layers are also available upon request; these can be hung vertically with ES/BC Lamp Holder
  • VBLFT-720-DIM and VBLFT-720-TIMER
  • Leading edge & trailing edge dimmable
  • Built-in universal 0-10V controlling signal
  • Built-in digital CPU with smart control performance
  • Auto-programmable operation setting modes in 24 hour cycles


VIBE's speciality LED poultry kit can be safely used in locations such as:

  • Poultry Farms
  • Anywhere that flexible naturally styled light is a priority.