LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lighting

The Versatility Of Strip Lighting 

LED strip lighting is perhaps the most versatile lighting product to emerge in recent years, with endless applications and variations. Countless projects can be enhanced with the inclusion of this incredibly versatile lighting. Applications are not limited to business, strip lighting extends to the home your car and everything between. It's usability comes down to three core factors.

 #1: LED Strip lighting utilises exactly that, LED's. You've most likely heard of LED technology before but it's main attractions are unsurpassed efficiency and fantastic longevity. The simple construction renders LEDs compact and sturdy widening their applications immensely. Efficiency is their defining trait however, LEDs use much less energy to produce the same results allowing for cheaper running costs on more permanent fixtures such as throughout the house or outside in garden beds and pools.

 #2: Customisability, Vibe's strip lighting can be ordered and utilised in countless variations from colour temperatures and overall wattages depending on your needs. It can also be cut to measure at frequent interval points meaning there's no need to custom order generating higher costs sold by the metre you can use as much or as little suits your application. Our strip lighting is available in conventional colour temperatures as well as RGB offering beautiful colour combinations to create eye catching and personalised displays.

 #3: Lastly their durability, our strip lighting is available in standard indoor only strips as well as full IP68 protected strips. These IP68 models are completely waterproof, capable of being submerged and everything in between retaining full function.

 With these benefits in mind your imagination can run wild with adventurous DIY or business grabbing concepts to utilise these products. From illuminated bars to product display, walkway or stair lighting, aquarium and pool lighting. The sky truly is the limit with new ideas being generated every day. Next time you take up a project think about how Vibe's strip lighting can benefit you.