Mark Slodj Pendants

Mark Slodj Designer Pendants

Take care not to overlook some of the most eye catching and accessible modifications you can make to the décor of any room. Pendants are a part of the home as much as the walls are, luckily much like the walls the look and colour are entirely flexible. If you've found your surroundings have grown drab, or a new piece of furniture or a paint change has disrupted a previously delicate balance, look no further than to our exclusive range of European designer pendants by Mark Slodj, offering a great range of designs and colours to fill the missing piece to your ideal look. Whether you're outfitting a business or a home these designer pendants will fall straight into place enhancing the environment around them and providing unique and practical lighting.

If you've already got a home or business decked to the nines take an opportunity to consider throwing in a fresh look. At some point or another everyone gets tired of the same old thing, luckily there's paint and pendants to tie you over when things turn from inspired to insipid. Never doubt the difference a quick change can make in your home or business revitalising your now common space.


Check out our video highlighting some of our most popular pendants in stunning detail.